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Beaches in Hurghada

Overview of the most important private beaches of Hurghada:

If you don’t stay in a hotel with beach access, or privately in apartments, you can visit one of the beaches with day -use .
Many hotels let guests who are not staying at the hotel to the pool and / or beach , but the fees are usually more expensive than the independent beaches where you can already get a sunbed from 20 LE .

Dreams Beach
Opposite of Bulls restaurant , not far from the Marriott at the Villages Road, lies the popular Dreams Beach . Many young people and music provide a club atmosphere .

40 LE

Public Beaches
There are several public beaches that are marked as " Public Beach " .
These are popular destinations for Hurghada’s Egyptian population . During school holidays and on weekends they are full of families who spend the day with a picnic on the beach.
European women in bikini are very rare, and if one has the courage , they get a lot of attention from the present Egyptian young men.

Day Use in Hotels
Marriott LE 75 (minimum charge )
Coral Beach Rotana LE 75 (minimum charge )

Old Vic
Also at the Villages Road, just a few meters after the Dreams Beach is one of the oldest independent beaches, the almost legendary Old Vic .
Long before Dreams Beach it was the number one venue for binational couples in Hurghada . Nowadays the beds and towels need some repairs.
35 LE





South Beach

Located at the Sheraton Road Hadaba. Well maintained beach and WC's, in the evening as a night club a recommendation.

women have free entry



Roma Beach at the Sheraton Road is now called RIVA Club and beach, pool and night club at the same time.

25 LE

White Beach

a little further down the sheraton road is the location of the White Beach (formerly Liquid). In the evening it turns into a night club as well.

Orange Beach
Sheraton Beach
The oldest hotel in Hurghada , the former Sheraton, which was taken into operation in the 1960s , has been closed for many years , but the beach is now operated independently . It is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in Hurghada.
20 LE


El Sawaky Beach
Located between Hilton Plaza and Geisum Village Dahar . Well maintained beach for 12 LE .








Color Beach
The former Shedwan (El Dahar ) is the location for this beach. Restaurant , a children's pool with slides and a piece of beach was separated.

50 LE


 Beach finds and species protection

In many shells that are found in the water, the snails that have constructed these beautiful structures millimeter by millimeter themselves, are still alive. The body of the live molluscs can be seen in the opening of the snail shell. Sometimes these hunters also have a visible sting peeping out.

These animals should  surely immediately be put back into the water, because these worth protecting organisms have an important role in the ecosystem and can not survive outside of the sea.


On the beach you will more frequently find hermit crabs that have settled in empty snail shells. If such a shell is lifted, the crabs often hides so deep in the shell, that it looks completely uninhabited and empty.

If you carry such a shell, you will be surprised  when it suddenly starts to run away, or something in your hand starts to tickle while holding the shell. These living organisms should not even be taken to hotel roomsbecause the dead animals smell unpleasant.


The export of any shells and corals from Egypt is prohibited and is controlled sharply at Hurghada Airport. Since it cannot be determined whether a mussel, snail or coral was alive when they were found, or was killed, all will be confiscated rigorously, which they are discovered by customs officials on candling luggage before check-in.

And the one that managed to stay  undetected  by this control can also relive in the country of destination for an unpleasant surprise if his suitcase will be opened when entering the country and there are protected species among them according to the CITES .

Our tip: Instead of making youself punishable for the export of protected species, only to have a couple of nice dust collector more on the shelf at home, you can perpetuate the artifacts better on photos and then store them together with the other souvenir photos. In the gallery we show some examples as inspiration for designs. Add a shell image to a photo book as an imaginative variety and it not only looks beautiful, it is also used legally, environmentally friendly and also must not be dusted regularly.