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Cafes and Coffee Shops

Coffee houses are an important part of everyday life of many Egyptian men.

Throughout the country there are coffee shops where tea and Turkish coffee are being served, by the way also a hookah (shisha) is often smoked.

A game of backgammon or dominoes, football broadcasts on television and talking with the other guests are included as well. "Real" Egyptian coffee shops are very basic, almost visited only by men and can be found everywhere.

Many something more comfortable coffee shops that are designed for touristsare located at the main promanades, such as Sheraton Road, Mamsha and at the Marina. While enjoying a hot or cold drink you can people watch and soak up the atmosphere.

Every hundred meters in the middle of the Mamsha there is a café after another. For example, the Sports Café just before SIVA Grand Beach or the Café Cleopatra.

You should try a water pipe, just like a Karkadeh or fresh lemonade (Lemon Juice).


Well-known coffee shops and cafes in Hurghada:


El Mashrabeya at the Sheraton Road

Located one of the more original, authentic coffee shops, which is also frequented by Egyptians, just off the bustling Sheraton Road in Sekalla (across from Le Pasha Hotel).
Miramar opposite Mubarak (Horreya) 2

Just off a boardwalk is this 2-storey coffee shop, which is a popular spot for tour guides and guides.

Meshmesha in the Esplanada Mall

Located on the outdoor terrace overlooking the street. Meet here especially on Thursday and Friday many locals, but also tourists.
L'Imperatore at the Hurghada Marina

Cozy sitting areas offer a comfortable environment to enjoy the idyllic outlook on the boats in the marina. There are water pipes, hot and cold drinks.

Garden Café in Kawther

The name says it all, in a garden between the houses is the Garden Café. Due to the playground with lots of inflatables (surcharge) it is a popular spot for families with children, especially at school-free weekend.