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Country and People




Hurghada is a tourist resort and due to the high number of foreigners who have moved their permanent residence here , reflects a distorted image of Egypt concerning houses , roads, behavior , ... - but not when it comes to religion. This has a very high priority for every Egyptian - regardless of faith - so everyone traveling to Egypt should think about it before his vacation , even if you plan to never go out of the hotel complex and thus have only little contact with Egyptians.






Approx. 91 % of the Egyptian population are Muslims and belong to the Sunni Islam, about 8 % are Coptic Christians.
Islam has five pillars to follow which is the supreme duty of every Muslim :
1 The confession ( shahada ) : " There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. "
2 The Prayer (Salat ) five prayers per day
3 The alms ( Zakat ) : Charity for the needy
4 Fasting ( Siam ) : Ramadan
5 The pilgrimage ( hajj ) at least once in life every Muslim should make a pilgrimage to Mecca


The holy book of the Muslims , the Koran, also describes in detail what a believer is allowed and what is forbidden. Hadith are the reports on the life and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, complete knowledge of correct behavior as a good Muslim.




Islam therefore interferes much more with the everyday life of every Muslim one , as it eg Christians do with the Bible , also the religion of Islam is embedded much firmer in the consciousness of every Muslim and occupies an important part.
Surely you will hear the muezzin when he calls the faithful to prayer on several occasions during your stay in Egypt, as this happens 5 times a day , times are changing daily at about 1 minute and are based on the sun.
The individual prayers and their approximate time are: - Fajr ( aprox. 4 am - Dhur about 12 noon - around 3:30 pm Asr - Maghrib around 7 pm - Isha around 8:30 pm.
The Koran dictates that women have to cover themselves – how exactly is always disputed and differently interpretated. Hair, neck, décolleté , arms to the hands and the body down to the feet.
Of course, society plays a big role when almost every woman wears a headscarf , then you would be the exception and draw the attention? So you can see for several years more and more women wear the full face cover , something that was never seen in Egypt 10 years ago.
When visiting a mosque, women should consider a scarf and cover their arms and legs. It is a sign of respect , if you are generally a bit and just not dressed as woman with miniskirt and a low cut top or as a man with no shirt with shorts go to the streets.

Depending on when you spend your holiday in Hurghada , you encounter another pillar of Isla: the fasting month of Ramadan . Beginning and end of the month based on the moon , so it moves every year by about 10 days forward . During Ramadan (duration 29 to 30 days depending on the moon) , a Muslim from sunrise to sunset will not consume food or drink, nor sexual thoughts or actions , nor smoke or use other drugs. Moreover, one should not even think of evil during this time , not only physical, but in terms of " bad thoughts " abstinence is also spiritual core of fasting. All this is allowed between sunset and sunrise , ie life moves so to speak to the night .

The approximate dates of Ramadan in this and the next few years :


17.06.2015 - 17.07.15

06.06.14 - 06.07.16


The town is then  beautifully decorated with colorful pennants and lights , on private houses, you will often see lanterns. There is a special and beautiful atmosphere everywhere because  Ramadan is considered a holy month to Muslims for rejoice - really !


And finally, it should be mentioned that the stereotype is a Muslim with married to four women, is really just a cliché . There are hardly any Muslims who have more than one wife . The reason is as banal as logical: it is simply not financially feasible to provide more than one wife happy .




Since the 16th Century Egyptians smoke the "shisha" water pipe.
It consists of a water-filled glass vessel, a metal fixture (smoke column) with ceramic head, together with carbon to which the tobacco is deposited and a tube through which the smoke is drawn.
In Egypt, there is a coffee shop every few meters with shisha, because the handling at home is to complicated and unsociable. So these cafes draw many visitors. The typical bubbling and the sweetish odor belong to the oriental coffee shop atmosphere.

The tobacco can be flavored with fruit flavors such as apple, etc., but Egyptian men smoke mostly the stronger "M` assal ", literally meaning "honey" and refers to the contained molasses.
Shisha is also among the most popular souvenirs from Egypt.
Note, however, that the importation of shisha tobacco is not allowed with a moisture content of about 5%. Egyptian tobacco has at least 20% humidity.