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Desert Tours




Egypt is 90 % of stony desert and it belongs

to Hurghada as a contrast to the species-rich , colorful sea.

Most desert tours start early in the afternoon of the Safariland , a settlement on the outer ring road , where almost all safari companies have their maintenance depots and garages.
From here it's either a quad , a beach buggy or a jeep further into the desert.



At the beginning of the mountain range is another base bikes and beach buggies, so that even those who take a Jeep there, there can upgrade to a quad .

On the way you stop at a hill, on which you can climb . The view from the top is very nice. On the other side is soft , fine sand.

The ride in the jeep and on the quads going across country over bumpy slopes, where everyone in the Jeep is shaken up. For this reason, desert tours are not for people with back problems and pregnant women.

Sunglasses and a cloth are essential protection against fine dust and the wind should.

Bedouin towels are available to buy at the courts in the country safari. Helmets are provided. You get a brief introduction to quad biking and after a practice round it goes into the desert. Those who cannot handle the quad by themselves, get help from aguide in the passenger seat.

The staff's instructions must be followed to avoid accidents.
The base in the desert is the result of a Bedouin village. Even today there are still Bedouins in Egypt who live according to ancient traditions.
There are some animal enclosure in which domestic and other animals are shown .
There are ostriches and giant tortoises , cobras , scorpions , various snakes , goats, etc.

One can make a ride on camels through the desert. The camels are led by Bedouin ( - children) .
The sunset in the desert is a beautiful ending to a wonderful visit in the Egyptian desert.

Some tours include another Bedouin dinner and a folklore show .
In this video you will see the highlights of the desert safari.