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To experience culinary Egypt, everybody should go out of the hotel to eat in a restaurant or buy something in one of the ubiquitous small snack bars.

Unfortunately, the All-Inclusive-concept nowadays tempts to just eat in the hotel complex and not outside to visit the authentic restaurants. But then you miss out a lot. There is a really wide selection of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets and it is one of the more pleasant ways of experiencing Egypt closer.

Of course you will find in Hurghada not only Egyptian restaurants, but all possible directions: Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Japanese and fast food.

A visit to one of the many fish restaurants is definitely recommended where you can enjoy freshly caught fish from the Red Sea.

Around the fishing harbor in Sekalla many seafood restaurants have settled. The best known are El Mina, El Joker, Star Fish and Fish House.

 Eat Egyptian food like Egyptians
In these restaurants you will encounter many Egyptian guests in addition to tourists, since they serve "real" Egyptian food at reasonable, customary prices and thus are popular with many locals. This is the best sign that is cooked authenticly and tasty and not inflated tourist prices are charged.  

Egyptian fast food offered in several GAD-branches of the well-known Egyptian chain.

There are grilled shish kebab, kofta and shawerma, but also foul and Tameia.
The best fish restaurants in Hurghada

In all good seafood restaurants there is a counter where you can choose the fresh fish, which is then freshly prepared in the desired style (grilled, baked, fried or steamed). Of course there are everywhere also menus with dishes and a variety of food.

Egyptians eat fish prefer brown rice, salad and tahini.

El Joker

One of the oldest seafood restaurants in Hurghada is situated right on Sekalla Square El Joker.

El Mina

"The Port" as El Mina is called in English, is also an established seafood restaurant for a decade.

It is located in the parallel street next to the fish market, near the El Mina mosque. It is noticeable by its decoration and has three floors with several aquariums.


A newer fish restaurant on the Sheraton Road with two floors is the starfish.
Fish House

Modern two storey seafood restaurant with panoramic windows to the Sheraton Road. Every visitor gets a gift a fisherman's cap.