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Information Overview



Name: Arab Republic of Egypt

Area: 1,001,450 km ²

Population: ~ 81 M (+1.86% / year)

Head of state: President Adbel Fattah El-Sisi

Capital: Cairo

Internet code:  .eg

Telephone code: +20




At almost every corner of Hurghada you will find a pharmacy, where drugs are sold without a prescription at a low price.

Many brand medications are available there, as well as drugstore items and baby supplies.



Some holidays are governed by our calendar, some according to the Islamic, which is governed by the moon, so they move each year by 11 days forward.

07.01. Coptic Christmas

25.01. Day of Revolution

01.05. Labor Day

23.07. Sinai Day

06.10. Army Day

18th - 21.06.2015 End of Ramadan (Eid El Fitr)

25th - 29.09.2015 Festival of Sacrifice (Eid El Adha)

24.12.2015 Birthday of Prophet Mohamed



The official currency is the Egyptian Pound (Livre Egyptian, LE for short). A pound consists of 100 piasters (short Pt). The exchange rate for the euro fluctuates between 1€  = 8 LE and 1€  = 9 LE (January 2015).

In virtually all the hotels there are ATM machines where one machine can change Euros cash notes in LE and also where money can be withdrawn in LE with debit or credit card. Outside the hotel you can go to banks and money exchange offices. Banks are closed on Friday and Saturday.

Small amounts such as 0.5 and LE 1 LE were indeed now been replaced by coins, but are still in circulation. Please beware, that no 50 piastres bill is presented as a 50 pound note to you. The certificates have an Arabic page and an English side on the "piastres" or "Pound" is written.



- There are no vaccinations required.

- A medical travel insurance is strongly recommended.

- Larger hotels have a hotel doctor.

- There are prescription drugs in pharmacies.

- Avoid ice cold drinks on the heated body.

- Drink plenty of bottled water and tea.

- Avoid direct sun. Because of the wind, its power sometimes is only noticed when you already have a sunstroke.

- Use strong, water-resistant sunscreen and cover your head.




There are Internet cafes and many hotels offer WiFi against charge. Who would not give up mobile internet on vacation, can buy a SIM card of the Egyptian mobile operator cost and use.




Hotels mostly offer overpriced WIFI overpriced, or you have to sit in a boring internet cafe. The prices for mobile internet from a mobile phone in Egypt are cheaper than in Germany. The purchase of a prepaid card so quickly worth it. There are three major suppliers in Egypt, Mobinil, Etisalat and Vodafone. The booming market has led to this mutually bidding companies to develop more and better deals, which you can enjoy while on vacation. Also the use of a USB stick with your laptop is possible. If you have not brought your stick, you can buy a package for about 20 €, which includes the stick and the SIM card already.

Here is an excerpt as a rough guide (December 2012):

Mobinil ALO: 1 MB per day for 5 LE / LE 20 for 1 GB per month or 50 LE for 3 GB a month

Vodafone EL KART: 3 LE 15 for LE 5 MB or 50 MB per day / LE 15 for 100 MB per month

Etisalat AHLAN: 1.25 LE for 25 MB per day / 7 LE 50 MB for a week / 20 for LE 110 MB a month

In case of exceeding the free MB the connection is slow and can be brought back by recharging the output speed. The SIM cards and top up cards (scratch cards) are usually available directly in the kiosks in the hotel, or of course in the many outlets of the providers. All three vendors have English language websites on which you can compare current offers in detail.



If you have booked a package holiday, your tour guide or the hotel staff at the front desk should be your first point of contact in order to announce an emergency call.


Emergency phone numbers:

Police 122

Fire 065 3545403


Advised during your stay in Egypt in an emergency, you can possibly help the message:

Representations: German Embassy Cairo 02 27282000

Austrian Embassy in Cairo 02 35702975

Swiss Embassy Cairo 0225758284

American Embassy

British Embassy




Please pay attention to drains in the pool that can have a strong suction. These can be lethal. Take time during your first pool visit to look for such openings.

Keep children who can’t swim well always in sight.



To enter you will need either a passport or an identity card with additional passport photo. Both documents must be valid for six months on check.

The visa (U $ 15) is available on arrival at the airport.



State religion in Egypt is Islam.

91% of Egyptians are Sunni Muslims.


Some 9% are Copts (orthodox Christians).




In general, no adapter is needed. Chargers for mobile phones or cameras fit into the Egyptian outlets. Only the thick plug of iron, washing machines, etc. do not fit and need an adapter.




In Egypt (which consists of 90% desert) water is is a valuable asset and should be used sparingly. Please note that your hotel towels don’t need to be washed every day. If you hang them back on the rack, they will usually leave it there and not wash them.

Garbage is a major problem in Hurghada. Please try to avoid using plastic bags. Unfortunately, there is not a deposit system for beverage bottles.

The protection of the ecosystems of coral reefs will be taken more seriously. The raking of corals (even unintentionally, eg by standing on them) is prohibited, as is the export of shells and other "sea souvenirs".


Try to avoid ordering endagered species in the fish restaurant, such as Parrot fish or shark.




Egypt, with its rich history and its
fascinating locations has inspired many writers. There are many novels,
playing in different eras and different themes

Immerse yourself in these literary worlds and learn
By the way you more about their holiday destination.

Barbara Wood-Paradise

Jehan Sadat - I am a woman from Egypt

Agatha Christie Death on the Nile

Pauline Gedge-The Lady of the Nile

Mika Waltari Sinuhe the Egyptian




Tap water is not suitable for drinking. Bottled water in PET bottles is available to buy everywhere.

At high temperatures, a high intake of fluids is particularly important, so you should make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.




In Egypt, the Eastern European Time (; GMT +2 CET +1) holds. However, the DST has been abolished, and there is only two hours difference to the UK in the winter of 2011. From October to April the clock need to be adjusted 2hours upon arrival, in summer only one.


     200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200g tobacco;
     1 liter of alcoholic beverages;
     1 liter of eau de cologne and perfume
     Personally needed clothes.
     technical devices that serve purposes such as travel cameras, laptop, mobile phones etc.
     Jewelry and drugs for personal use.
     and max. LE 5,000 in cash

be carried.


1 l Liquor over 22% (or 2 liters under 22%), 200 cigarettes, 500g of coffee and 50 ml of perfume may be imported up on the return trip to Germany per person.





In Egypt, there is the possibility to buy duty-free outside the airport after arriving. For this, several "duty free shops" are available, but the period for duty-free purchases is restricted to 2 days after the entry.

3 bottles of alcohol and 3 cartons of cigarettes can be purchased per person.