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 Green Star - Ecological Tourism

With more than 14 million tourists during peak times, the Egyptian tourism industry is an industry that has a significant impact on the environment and on limited natural resources.

Inefficient use of energy, a lack of waste management and inadequate sewage treatment and water pollution problems, which have greatly increased in recent decades due to lack of environmental quality standards and a lack of environmental awareness.

The Green Star Hotel Initiative (GSHI) was launched in 2007 to improve the environmental performance and competitiveness of the Egyptian hotel industry by promoting the implementation of environmental management systems and eco-friendly operations and to raise awareness of the hoteliers.

Green Star rating

The Green Star star system is based on a system that evaluate the level of environmental performance of the hotel. Achieving a green star certification is not easy. A hotel has all 100 mandatory criteria meet 100% to be awarded 3 Green Stars. Additional ecological and social measures and innovative environmental practices are also credited. If the mandatory criteria are all met, and depending on how intense the commitment to sustainability, the hotel can get 3,4 or 5 Green Stars.

There are three levels of award:

  3 Green Stars

The hotel is environmentally friendly and has a higher commitment to the environment than many other hotels. The management and staff are committed crucialy for the protection of nature and environment. Measures are being taken to bring about continuous improvement in environmental protection.
  4 Green Stars

The hotel is very environmentally friendly and in constant engagement in environmental protection through investment and announcements. The hotel distinguishes itself from all other hotels in environmental management. The protection of nature and the environment is of importance for the management and the employees. Together they dedicate their efforts to continuously improve the protection of the environment.
  5 Green Stars

The hotel is superbly environmentally friendly and one of a small group of hotels that exhibit a high degree of commitment to an intensive and continuous protection of nature and environment in all areas. Management and staff ensure the protection of nature and the environment first.



Mövenpick Resort & Spa

The luxurious 5 * Moevenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna is located on the Red Sea and has a spacious front facing directly to the beach. The relaxing atmosphere invites together with the extensive hotel grounds one to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Egypt. Diving class in the Red Sea just outside the door, the challenging 18-hole championship golf course of El Gouna is just around the corner, a professional kite station directly at the hotel beach, Angsana Spa for an unforgettable spa experience, a conference center up to date art, many attractions for families with children and special facilities for people with disabilities: Here, all needs are covered and every guest guarantees a perfect stay.

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  Sheraton Miramar

The Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna offers an inviting, magical combination of Arabic and Nubian style. The plant was built on nine small islands and is surrounded by gardens. It is a peaceful, restful oasis.

All rooms have a spacious, detached terrace or a balcony and offer a stunning view of the lagoons, pools and private beaches.

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  Steigenberger Golf Resort

 Sensational experiences enhanced by fantastic architecture, stunning scenery and sparkling lagoons guarantee a stay full of peace and joy. Locally to the Angsana Spa. The hotel on the Red Sea fascinated by its extravagant design of the American star architect Michael Graves and his own unique lagoons and the challenging 18-hole golf course, one of the best golf courses in Egypt.

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The Three Corners Ocean View Hotel

Located directly on the Abu Tig Marina, the hotel offers a fresh, totally new approach to hospitality in a timeless setting. The Ocean View has endless possibilities.
The rooms in the two buildings Le Soleil and Port You are right on the beach side. A swimming pool offers stunning views over the Red Sea, another pool is integrated into the magnificent marina.

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Dawar El Omda

The Deluxe Boutique Hotel Dawar El Omda and is modeled on a villa of an Upper Egyptian government officials. Its special feature is its location in the middle of a lagoon of the Red Sea, which flows through the system partially. Located on a private lagoon beach of El Gouna on the Red Sea and is in close proximity to the bustling city center with a colorful design, shopping arcades, restaurants and bars.
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Sultan Bey

The Sultan Bey Hotel is reflected with its winding streets and the fantastic design against the soul of Egypt, with a view of the beautiful lagoons of El Gouna and the tropical gardens, Sultan Bey is a peaceful oasis in the heart of El Gouna. Enjoy the nightlife and shopping at the vibrant Tamr Henna Square very close to the resort.




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The Three Corners Rihanna Inn

The Three Corners Rihana Inn was built as an extension of Threee Corners Rihana Resort. The building, with its decorated in warm colors of sunset domes and arches are grouped around a large swimming pool. Guests at the Rihana Inn can enjoy free use of the facilities of the Rihana Resort. The Three Corners Rihana Inn is specifically designed for larger families.


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Fanadir Hotel

Located in the heart of El Gouna's new Marina, welcomes the new four-star hotel Fanadir its guests with Arab-inspired architecture.

The Fanadir hotel expects to be awarded soon with the "Green Star Hotel" certificate to officially confirm its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable management can.

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Mosaique Hotel

The new four-star Mosaique Hotel is located at the northern port of Abu Tig Marina. Inspired by Moroccan architecture ornaments and fresh décor create a relaxed atmosphere.The hotel is especially suitable for couples.

The Mosaique Hotel expects to be awarded soon with the "Green Star Hotel" certificate.
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Arena Inn

The Arena Inn offers all the comforts of a resort with a private pool and a well-designed restaurant overlooking the lagoon.

The hotel guests have access to a beach full-service, one of the best snorkeling areas of El Gouna.

The Arena Inn offers all the comforts of a resort hotel with a private pool and a well-designed restaurant overlooking the lagoon of El Gouna.                                                                                        


  Ali Pasha

The Ali Pasha Hotel has 68 rooms, 8 of which have a private balcony overlooking the marina.

The rooms offer views of the gardens, the pool or the marina and have a high standard of amenities.

Ali Pasha Hotel houses two swimming pools, and guests can also take advantage of the best beaches of the Red Sea, with free access to Marina Beach Club Moods on the north side of the marina

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Turtle's Inn

Turtles Inn offers an intimate and familiar environment with 27 colorful rooms with views of the marina or pool. Directly on the most fashionable marina in Egypt, the Abu Tig Marina.

The bar on the terrace with stunning views of the Abu Tig Marina and the Red Sea is the ideal place to enjoy a drink at the end of a day of diving in the Red Sea


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Captain's Inn 

The Captain's Inn Hotel is an intimate boutique hotel, which is located in the beautiful Abu Tig Marina Marina, one of the trendiest places El Gouna. The hotel offers an intimate atmosphere in picturesque surroundings and is equipped with every comfort. Just for kitesurfers who want to spend an unforgettable sports holiday on the Red Sea in Egypt in El Gouna Captain's Inn is ideal.
Of the 49 well-appointed rooms, including 2 suites, they look either to the Marina or in the beautifully landscaped courtyard.

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