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Language Guide Arabic/English




In a tourist area as Hurghada course is spoken everywhere sometimes even fluent in German and English. Nevertheless, it is more than a nice gesture if you snaps a smattering of the local language and used.
The way into the hearts of the Egyptians via a few words in their language. Once you master a few words of greeting, you are sure the sympathies.

In Egypt dialect is spoken, but  Modern Standard Arabic is written. So there is a big difference between the spoken and the written word.

We wrote the Arabic words in a phonetic transcription, every Egyptian will also look forward to helping you with pronunciation.
With verbs in the 2nd Person singular, there are different declinations for male and female partner. These are marked with (m) and (w).



Welcome to! ----- Ahlan wa Sahlan (correct answer is: "Ahlan Biek")
Welcome ----- Marhaba
Good morning ----- Sabah El Kheer (correct answer: "Sabah El Nur")
Good evening ----- Messah El Kheer
Thank you ----- Shoukran
Please  ----- min fadlak(m), min fadlik (w)
How are you? ----- Essaijak (m) / Essaijik (w)
Good ----- kwaijis
Not good ----- mush kwaijis
What is your name? ----- Ismak Eh? (m) Ismik Eh? (w)
My name is ....... ----- Ismi ........
How much does it cost? ----- Bikam Dah?
It's too expensive. ----- Rheli aui
Beautiful ----- gamil
Yes ----- Eiwa
No ----- La-a
Where ..? ----- Fehn .... ?

the numbers 1 to 10:

1 wahed

2 etneen

3 talata

4 arba

5 chamsa

6 sitta

7 sabba

8 tamanja

9 tessa

10 aschara

The Arabic script is read from right to left hand numbers from left to right.
The red text on the right side means "Allah" (God).
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