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Minister of Tourism Kaled Rami
appoints committee for
"Green Tourism"

The new Tourism Minister Khaled Rami has appointed a new committee for "green tourism" . Within the Ministry of Tourism, this committee will be responsible to advocate for sustainable projects in Egyptian tourism and this in cooperation with companies and organizations to implement them. In addition, it is representing Egypt in the major conferences and informes the ministry about developments in the sector.


Egypt is thus positioned on the way to a greener future.


Inefficient use of energy, lack of waste management and inadequate sewage treatment and water pollution are problems that have risen sharply in recent decades due to lack of environmental quality standards and lack of environmental awareness.

In El Gouna (Destination: Hurghada) the Green Star Hotel initiative of Orascom has been around since 2007 to improve the environmental performance and competitiveness of the Egyptian hotel industry by promoting the implementation of environmental management systems and environmentally friendly operations and to sharpen awareness of Hoteliers. We provide details of the Green Star hotels categorization on this page.


You can book Green Star hotels in El Gouna here.