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Shopping in Hurghada
While shopping, you can Hurghada experience Hurghadas different faces.

 If you want to know the original , oriental side of Hurghada it can be found for example in the vegetable market or the tourist bazaar in Dahar. 

Fruits and vegetables at the market

The five most popular shopping districts of Hurghada :

However those who prefer a more modern experience will find it in the Senzo Mall, at the southern end of Hurghada , a shopping center at European level.



Fruits and vegetable department in Spinneys

1. Senzo Mall:
In the Senzo Mall , you can stroll at leisure and shop , while almost forgetting that you are in the Orient.
There are for example the Spinneys hypermarket , various large and small clothing shops of international brands such as Aldo , Adidas, Geox and Tommy Hilfiger,etc. A Mc Donald's branch , a largeKid’s play area with bouncy castles and carousels as well as a cinema.

the Senzo Mall bus runs Daily every 30 - 60 minutes from Dahar via Sekalla and Mamsha ,for 5 LE pp up to the entrance of the mall.

2. Hurghada Marina
Experience A Mediterranean flair on the waterfront opposite the Hurghada Marina .
It is located directly on the picturesque marina which is lined with shops and restaurants that invite you to a comfortable , undisturbed stroll.
3. Mamsha promenade
It extends from the Sultan Beach Hotel in the south to the Mashrabeia hotel in the north and is ideal for a cozy stroll , because it has only a two-lane one-way street , on which no annoying mini buses are allowed. The Mamsha Also offers enough space for everyone through its generous width and you may well keep your distance to the shops, if you do not want to be addressed. Many cafés invite you to linger .
Also the Esplanada Mall is located in the middle of the Mamsha.
4. Sekalla - Sheraton Road
On Sheraton Road there is a variety of large and small shops and small shopping malls.
The road is very busy and there are lots of people on the go, a good mix between locals and tourists
Pulsing with the real Egyptian life , especially the side street " Sherry Street " is reminiscent of roads in residential areas of Cairo.
5. Downtown
The old town in Hurghada Dahar is full of shops offering local crafts , t-shirts, spices and other souvenirs.
This is Hurghada's oldest shopping district for tourists , some sections of road are pedestrian zones. At night it bursts with mobile vendors, just putting tables with their goods on the side walks.

Tips for Shopping: 

Generally it is important to know that the stores located within the hotels have higher prices than outside because the shop rents here are simply much higher than in the city and thus more profit needs to be made ​​. It is also worthwhile to compare prices , so do not buy the first time you see something you like, but ask in several stores for the price of the product . Since there are many stores that offer the same product group , the choice in this regard is huge.
 If you plan to purchase an expensive product , it is advisable not to do this on the first day of your stay Egypt , you canalways go back to the store where you saw the product after youmake sure it is not overpriced. They are happy to see you again , and on the last day then it is quite possible that an expensive product is sold at a much cheaper price .
 When it comes to bargaining , of course, practice is needed . Although there are now shops with fixed prices ( Ramstore , Hurghada Star , etc. ), the majority of shops still don’t have fixed price . Here , it depends on your mood and ability . Rule of thumb is that you can half the initial price .


Once you go near a store or stand to have a look at the goods , you will certainly be addressed in one way or another. The " sales strategy " of the Egyptians is clearly offensive . If one is not used to this and does not know how to handle it, you can feel harassed very quickly and would rather retire to the hotel complex . Do not take it so seriously, it's ultimately just about selling something and thereby earn money for himself and his family . It's just different than in the " Service desert Europe " where you as a customer often run after the shop assistants and not vice versa , you can also see it in a positive way.
In order  To nevertheless enjoy walking and strolling nin Hurghadas streets, there are some tips that you should heed : You should try to memorize the two most important Arabic words for your vacation in Egypt and dont hesitate to use them : - "" La shukran ! " No, thank you " . So if for example a shop owner says " Just have a look " or something similar , just say politely but firmly " La shukran " and move on .
 Ignore everything if you do not want to go into a shop , even if the shopkeeper call you . Do not reply , but simply walk at the same pace , without having to worry about further comments.

Would you like to look more closely, then a seller will take care of you immediately . Often, you will then be invited to drink a glass of tea with him. Take your time and chat a bit with the seller. He will ask in any case where you are, whether you have been to Egypt and what is more beautiful - Egypt or Germany. He will present you various goods to find the best product for you. If he doesn't have a desired item in the warehouse , so someone is often sent to another store to get the desired product for you. If you are paying too much for a product, he will give you a small gift for often given in addition.