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Transportation in Hurghada



The easiest way to get from A to B in Hurghada are the orange - blue taxis that are available in hundreds.
Once you go out of the resort and get to the road, the next taxi that passes will slow down and the taxi driver will shout "Taxi ? ". You can choose the first taxi , by nod or beckon it (just hail down with fingers or a hand lift ) but you can also wait for the next.

Taxis are also often waiting for potential customers in front of the hotel. So beckon him when you approach a taxi, then you best get in the back (as a woman you should never sit in the front next to the driver ) and say your destination, for example, Sekalla - Sheraton Road Mc Donalds. The more prominent and the points are known, the easier it is for the taxi driver.
Depending on the driver you are sonicated either with Arabic pop music or Koran recitations. It will not necessarily be turned down just because a passenger sitting in the taxi. Also unfortunately the phone is frequently used while driving by many taxi drivers, although it is banned in Egypt and will be punished.

The driving style is very different from that on European roads. Unfortunately it include horns, overtaking on the right, making phone calls and driving too fast are normal.
All taxis have built-in meters, but these are not normally turned on.
For a distance of your hotel to the Sheraton Road or similar, there are fixed prices.
When you arrive at your destination, you open the door, hand the correct amount to the taxi driver and get off. Don’t allow yourself to any discussions, if you are sure that the journey was reasonable price. If you have the money in correct change it will be best.
The most important prices ( these are per taxi, not per person)
- Within a district 5 LE (eg from the marina to the Burger King in Sekalla )
- From one neighborhood to the next maximum of 10 LE ( eg Sekalla to the hotels at the Mamsha )
- More than one district more than 15 LE ( for example, by Dahar Mamsha )
- To the airport : 25 - 30 LE depending on the distance ( as a " gateway fee" of 5 LE is demanded for each vehicle )
All taxis have a fixed number, for example is mounted externally on the hood. In particular with regard to complaints regarding rip-off fare you can call the competent authority under 002-0118601601 and complain about taxi number XX .


Taxis are more expensive in the long run, of course, if you move around a lot . Therefore locals and residents move sooner or later to mini buses – a special experience.
There are mini buses that run from Dahar to Mamsha (and back) - but not directly IN the Mamsha , but in a street parallel to it - and some who are waiting to fixed points until the bus is full and then go from Dahar or Sekalla up to hotels such as the southern Dana Beach drive . The fare is 0.75 LE within a district , you go beyond 1.50 LE - per person. A stretch of the Sheraton Road to example Giftun hotel thus costs 1.50 LE instead of 10 LE taxi.
To ride a minibus, you wave at one anywhere on the street, stops do not exist.
If you want to get off, so call " Ala gamb lauw SAHMAT " ( " Please stop here " ). You pay the fare best in counted coins.
Riding minibuses requires some practice, but in any case saves you a lot of money! You will be amazed at how many people fit in such a small bus! In Hurghada, with the many bumps and potholes it is unfortunately while driving mini buses are pretty shaken without air conditioning, but you can open the windows and get cooling through the air.
There are no fixed stopping points , only the o.g. solid journeys , so it may happen that a ride of 2km takes 10 minutes when the bus stops every 50 meters to allow a passenger on or off .



Bus to Cairo

After domestic flights long distance buses are the best way to travel long distances within Egypt.
Because there is no connection to the railway network in Hurghada , they are the main means of transport for the general population. Every day, dozens of buses go to Cairo, the most famous are these 4 bus companies : Go Bus , HighJet , Super Jet , and Upper Egypt bus.
Because of the standards and the reliability of passengers, only the first three are recommended for foreigners on the route Cairo - Hurghada . The buses are air conditioned and have a toilet for emergencies.
There are several steps further in terms of comfort and facilities of the buses. Thus, for example has Go Bus four different pricing categories, one of the most expensive Ticktet class three times as much as the cost of the cheapest class.
The 450 km trip from Hurghada to Cairo takes 5-7 hours with a roadhouse stop in Zafaarana . In most cases, it is possible to buy drinks and snacks on the bus.
In order to get good seats, we recommend early booking a few days before the planned trip. The location of stops, where the tickets are available , can be found on the map .


Those who try to swarm the streets of Hurghada to drive themselves can rent a car.
It is an international driving license is required.