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Hurghada Videos




Impressionen from Hurghada, THE resort on the Red Sea.

  Dreams Beach: Popular fine sand beach with music and animation.
Conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing are ideal all year round.   A selection of different typical Egyptian souvenirs.
Egyptian folklore show with belly dancing and tanoura.

Belly Dance:
The epitome of oriental dance is belly dancing. Top Egyptian belly dancers were decades celebrated like pop stars. Everyone knows Fifi Abdu and Dina, the most famous dancers.
At family gatherings often women dancing among themselves and also Egyptian men dominate the dance.

Tanoura (whirling dance):
A men dance the Darwische reserved. Incessantly the dancer spins with his costume in a circle that opens it. It consists of several layers, which solves the succession Darwish and when constantly rotate figures dancing with it. A unique complex, typical Egyptian performance that must on every folklore evening. Popular Help agents are also umbrellas.

A hallmark of good food in Hurghada.

Here you will find under one roof, a steakhouse, a pizzeria and an excellent bakery with European standards.
The "Steak House" is known for its unique entrecote and filet steaks as well as his garden-fresh vegetables and salads.
The "pizza" is the best in Hurghada for many locals and tourists. Again the chef homemade pasta in different Varationen to.
Fresh salads round out the selection of main courses. End your meal with a delicious tiramisu and original Italian espresso or cafe latte.
The "Bakery" is many Europeans living here worth a daily visit. Here you get fresh brown bread, French baguette and delicious bakeries.

Try the tastefully prepared sandwiches.

The old town of Hurghada is full of shops offering local crafts, T-shirts, spices and other souvenirs.
The prices are negotiable.
Anyone who feels harassed by the dealers, best not to get involved in a conversation, but simply say "No, thank you!", or better yet nothing at all.
  One of the places where one can still experience Hurghada most egyptian side. Here are the freshest fruits and vegetables in a large selection. All kinds of people visit the market and you can find something at every turn. The market is open daily and is located behind the "Goverment Shop" near the Dahar- central.

Tour of the Spinneys market in the Senzo Mall.
Hurghada's biggest supermarket has not only the widest range of goods, but also the audience covers the full spectrum of the population.
For special offers Spinneys can be even cheaper than the market. Who every day the freshest offer is, however, examined, will probably be fündiger on the market, because at Spinneys, it may be a matter of luck whether one finds everything in perfect condition and very fresh.

   A few impressions of Sheraton Road / Hurghada-Sekalla at night.

Hurghada is characterized mainly by the contrast between the desert and the sea. A desert tour includes so just how a trip to the sea. There are different tours offered by Jeep, Quad or Buggy Beach.

You can take a ride on camels through the desert. The camels are guided by Bedouins (-children). In the resulting from a Bedouin village base of safari operators, there are several animal enclosure with native and other desert animals.

  A video of the production of the typical Egyptian flat bread that is especially good as a bread bag for example, Challenge and Tameia is because separate the upper and the lower layer by the fluffing during baking.
The dough consists of only water, flour, salt and a little yeast.
Flatbread is THE staple food and is therefore offered state-subsidized low for the poor. Often form long queues at the output points.
In Modern Standard Arabic bread actually means "Chobs", but in Egypt it is called "ash", which literally means "life".

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